Clinton Transition Team

This was about in the middle of the fight with but nothing happened until Clinton become President and Cranston got my Sierra Club card at the Taipei Hyatt Hotel.

Here we already have extensive communication between career officers.

(I'll dump some more out here when I have time.)

I have hundreds of correspondances which they fowarded to me. This is what America is about! Working hard for your dreams. It's NOT the Republican ideal of murdering and butching people and stealing their OIL and WEALTH!

Cranston helped me export sports good to Taiwan. I left him a Sierra Club card at Hyatt Hotel desk in Taipei. The receptionist took it, said he's out of the room now but I'll put it in his room box. The card was a 3 sentencer discribing my problem.
I got a call 3 days later from his Taiwan FA escort saying 'Mr. Cranston would do everything in his power to help you when he gets back to Washington.' This was Cranston's why of putting the Taiwan government on notice becaues the FA escort reports back to the Taiwan President who how high level trips went. Cranston was the Senate Whip at the time. (Is that #2 in the Senate?)
Soon after that things began to roll and the Taiwan laws were changed. Off and on I tried to thank him directly but couldn't. I'm still going to visit a direct relative of his and explain the long story how Cranston stopped to help 1 little boy with no connections, no money, no clout, no looks, but only had a dream of America.
After I got the call I just broke down and started crying like a baby for 20 minutes. My Taiwanese girlfriend kept asking why I was sad after everything we'd been working for was now coming together? I said, 'Honey, I'm not sad I'm happy'.
It's an unbelievable long story that I think should go into Cranston's history, if it's kept somewhere?

The story has been told on Taiwan TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. I am between Bruce Wilis and Antonio Ba.....(cover) whatever his name is. I come before Wilis in the Esquire.
Anyway, the story has never been told in America. It involved 3 Presidents, 1 VP, and a Secretary of Commerce, 1 Ambassador, GATT, dozens of lower level career officers, State Department, (with hands on). I wrote more than 600 letters to our Governmet. Some of these where using typewriters. I started using PC about in the middle.
It started with Repuke Papa Bush who did absolutely nothing; bastard. I'd take a lie detector test to confirm this too. Repukes don't help anyone but themselves.
My first big letter from Clinton's transition team. Then I got a letter from Gore. Then I got a call from Secretary Brown's office. Then Taiwan President Lee was breathing down my neck for stirring up trouble. (My girlfriend and I joked about being hit. Which you really didn't know back in those days.)
Though, it was all molded into shape I'm sure by Cranston. Until that time I was just someone who was making a lot of noise. And Taiwan wanted to join the WTO so I got a little lucky that career officers really could use this data which Cranston was supplying
The name Peter Cashmen just came to mind. I have to look up what he did!
got to go. I'll scan some of the documents if anyone is interested. Most are at my fathers but I'm 100% I've got some with me. I get the one's from Clinton, Gore and Brown safer at my Dad's.

FBI Watched Cranston for Years, Paper Says