I was 4 feet from President Clinton. His SUV, the second one is NOT in this picture. The President's SUV stopped at the blue dot. I told myself I wasn't going to miss this trying to take a picture like I've done a thousand times before if life. (messing with the focus, looking through the viewfinder...) I staired right at President Clinton as his SUV drove up 4 feet from me. The line of vehicles were exiting. About the 5th up vehicle stopped to enter the main street which made all the vehicles in the line stop. And guess what! President Clintons SUV stopped right infront of me. He was on his cell phone. He looked at me and smiled and then they drove off.

Every person I had talked to that met him said he is a wonderful person. You can see it in his eyes. You can hear it in his voice. I honestly believe this.

(ps. this picture looks like this because screaming 'here he comes, it's the President.' I just couldn't believe it. I guess I dropped my hand when he stopped in front of me but at least I pushed the button. There were only 4 people in this area. We were with the mob and I knew it was wrong. I told the lady next to me to follow me. She told her husband to follow too. He didn't so we ditched him. We snaked our way through car dealer and popped out here. There was a line of San Jose Police right in front of us so the President was well protected. The four of us were jumping up screaming after the President went by and some people thought we were nuts but nobody knew we were touched by an angel!



99% were on the other side or on the main street. President Clinton sat in the rear right side and when he stopped we could have kissed his window!!!!!!!!

This white car is a parked car. The President's SUV drove by nearer to us.


2.5 hours earlier


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